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6. Mariposa's Garden

Mariposa is the second room in building 3, our 2 bedroom space.

- Private rear garden with hammock.

- Choose your arrangement: King bed, 2 individual beds, or bed with sofa

- Outdoor kitchen

Our newest home, created in 2022. This bright open unit has a private rear garden and large sliding doors offering a sunny breeze-way through the room. Traditionally set as king bed, but can also be arranged as a bed and sofa or 2 individual beds.

Rana and Mariposa rented together as a 2 bedroom home to offer a larger space. They share an outdoor main kitchen area with seating for dining, and also offer personal in-room kitchenette items. A doorway between the apartments conjoin the rooms, and each has a private entrance as well. Great for a family, or large office space.

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mariposa 4.jpg
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